Wifi White Fire OG

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Cheeba’s Has Some Wicked Wifi White Fire OG for Sale


Beautiful Harvest, Our New Fav Strain!


Phil review: 1/29/19- this new batch is goddamn fire! Rarely do i get too stoned, but one big rip on the bong got me stupid baked….the more you knwo ;)…it’ll be packed tomorrow, wait till then heathens


Oh yeah, here’s a crazy good sativa leaning hybrid. 24% THC and it’s a fun, mentally soaring and creative high. I’ve had nothing but good times with the stuff. We bought a pound, smoked some, then picked up 4 more! This is a harvest we’re happy to sell- and smoke the shake 😉


Some strains, Like GSC or Chemo, Rockstar, Duke Nukem- they’re all great and when grown well contend with any of the new kids on the block. But they have they’re work cut out for them with Wifi.


To write this review, I stuck my nose in a full zip-lock bag and made that sex-grown no one else should ever here.


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